Candle Making Workshops


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Candle Making Workshop

Come and learn a new in a fun and friendly environment skill on our

Eco candle making workshop using Soy wax. Discover some unique candle making ideas and create bespoke container candles and wax melts.

Various dates are now available

In this 4 hour workshop you will learn how to:

  • Create exquisite gifts for family & friends
  • Brides & Bridesmaids learn how to create your own table decorations & Wedding Favours.
  • Learn skills to help you create your own small business
  • The Workshop covers:

    • Health & Safety
    • Types of wax and how to melt safely
    • Types of containers
    • Understanding wicks
    • Essential Oils v Fragrance Oils
    • Labelling & Legislation
    • Finishing touches